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Statement rings

When it comes to jewelry, rings can not be missing! As a fashion accessory, a beautiful ring puts the hands in perspective. At the same time, however, it also completes an outfit and serves as a complement to other jewelry. A very special jewelry are our statement rings.

The statement ring can be made of different materials or even combinations of materials such as glass, plastic, wood, metal or even rubber. It doesn't always have to be gold and silver, rubber is an ideal material for statement rings for ladies. After all, the material is environmentally friendly, easy to care for and it gently nestles against the skin.

What is a statement ring?

A statement ring is characterized by being very eye-catching because of its design or even its size. When wearing statement rings like the music ring or the diamond ring, the focus is not on the outfit, but on the ring. A statement ring made of rubber looks very extravagant simply because of the material, as jewelry is rarely made of it.

Statement rings are also ideal to support other statement jewelry such as a statement necklace, or to combine them with each other.