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Statement jewelry for the special occasions

For every occasion there is the perfect jewelry. However, special occasions require the wearing of unusual jewelry such as statement jewelry. In this jewelry is not the outfit in the foreground, but the piece itself. But what exactly is statement jewelry and what material are the jewelry creations made of?

What is statement jewelry?

As statement jewelry are jewelry creations that have a strong statement and are particularly striking. Plain is out of place with these jewelry pieces! They immediately catch everyone's eye. So with this particular jewelry is not the outfit in the foreground, but the jewelry itself.


If you want to buy statement jewelry online, you will find a great selection of exclusive models.

This includes, among others:

Statement fashion jewelry can be made of many different materials, such as gold, silver, various metals, glass, stones, plastic or wood. However, statement jewelry made from sustainable, natural rubber makes a very clear statement. Rubber offers several advantages!

The material can be molded into any shape imaginable. This makes it ideal for making fashion jewelry that needs to make a clear statement. In addition, rubber is a durable material that is also environmentally friendly. With the help of this material, very fine, delicate, but also large, extravagant pieces of jewelry can be made.

How to wear statement jewelry?

Statement fashion jewelry simply can not be overlooked! For this reason, the rest of the outfit should be as simple as possible, so that the jewelry can fully develop its effect.

In the cold season, wide oversize sweaters are often worn with pleasure. These can look quite boring. With statement jewelry, you can enhance any outfit, no matter how simple, and make it an eye-catcher. Even plain shirts can be specifically spiced up with the help of cool statement jewelry.

The jewelry, such as necklaces, may be worn not only on the bare skin, but also quite over a blouse or a sweater, so that the statement fashion jewelry is on the clothes. Worn on the bare skin, the jewelry can be super combined with garments with a round neckline. 

Off-the-shoulder tops give the statement jewelry the right space to show off perfectly. Especially popular for this purpose are both short and wide chains, as well as long XXL chains. Through statement jewelry, you can even give a simple outfit the necessary glamour.

Is statement jewelry still in?

Statement fashion jewelry found its greatest attention in 2013 and until today the eye-catching jewelry pieces enjoy great popularity, and the trend is increasing. Statement jewelry is not a simple fashion trend that disappears from the scene after a short time. Rather, it is a timeless trend that is guaranteed to continue to cause a stir in the years to come.