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Our Gothic jewelry completes the outfit

Gothic has an attractive, downright mystical effect on many people. Many refer to followers of the Gothic movement as goths because of their dark clothing. With Gothic jewelry the outfit can be specifically upgraded.

What is Gothic?

This question is not easy to answer because Gothic is very multifaceted. For some, it's just the music, which is made up of different styles of music such as new wave, punk and electro. For real goths or goths it is a way of life. Gothic is a subculture.

Gothic or Gothic is also a style of architecture. Buildings with tall pillars, high vaulted ceilings and pointed arches were built in the Gothic style. Including, for example, many cathedrals. Overall, Gothic has something elegant, darkly romantic and mystical about it. The term Gothic comes from the Renaissance. Today it mostly describes an artistic style from the Middle Ages. This is partly reflected in the clothes of Gothic fans.

Gothic as a subculture

Time changes fashion. This was not only the case around 1800, it is still so today. In the 18th century, people were drawn to Gothic arts and medieval things. So the style of clothing had a Gothic touch. Dramatic and sumptuous dresses with a lush skirt were in vogue. Even today, many women of the Gothic movement like to wear such eye-catching dresses.

Usually these are rarely worn these days and when they are, only on special occasions. With high-quality gothic jewelry you upgrade your outfit. Unlike in the 1800 century when dresses in white, pink and various pastel colors were fashionable, the clothes of the Goths today are mostly black. Other popular colors are purple, bordeaux red and white, but mostly in combination with black. It is important for fans of Gothic to stand out. With their style of clothing they want to turn their inside out.

In addition to clothing, make-up and Gothic jewelry also play a major role.

What is special about Gothic jewelry?

Many Gothic fans deal with topics that are largely taboo in today's society. Death and the transience of life play a major role in this. They like to spend their time in quiet, mystical places such as ruins and castles to reflect on life and death. However, this does not mean that the followers of the Gothic culture are a sad bunch. However, there is something dark about death, which is why they prefer to dress and use dark make-up. Likewise, Gothic jewelry is mostly silver with black elements or completely black.

Gothic jewelry is mostly very extravagant, elegant or symbolic. Not only skull pendants or medieval-looking amulets or medallions are worn. Gothic jewelry made of rubber is also popular.

Gothic jewelry made of rubber is a wonderful eye-catcher

Gothic jewelry made of rubber is not only characterized by the pleasantly soft material. It nestles gently against the skin and is already something extraordinary due to the material. Rubber also offers the advantage that it is very robust and that many artfully designed pieces of jewelry can be created from it.

Totenkopf RingThe black Gothic jewelry is available in various shapes. Skull earrings give the outfit a dark note. Likewise the Skull ringsthat both women and men like to wear.

Drippin HalsketteGothic jewelry can also be more subtle and can be worn with an ordinary evening dress. Necklaces made of black rubber look particularly extravagant and elegant at the same time. Like fine tears it settles Drippin 'necklace around the neck and perfectly stages the outfit.

Such extraordinary pieces of jewelry magically attract the eye. Goths have an eye for the beautiful and the extraordinary. The romantic melancholy is often reflected in the style of clothing and the Gothic jewelry such as the Drippin necklace.

What Gothic is not

Gothic is not only dark, sad and melancholy. The followers of this subculture love the extraordinary and feel drawn to mystical things, castles, churches and ruins. Despite the dark clothing style and preoccupation with taboo subjects like death, they are

  • open minded
  • Happy
  • tolerant
  • friendly
  • peaceful

They often work in creative or social or care professions. For this reason, Gothic jewelry does not always have a dark touch. Still, they want to wear beautiful black jewelry during the day, which is still gothic and flashy, but not oozing with drama.

Particularly beautiful Gothic jewelry that you can wear in the evening and during the day is, for example, the Flower necklace. Another wonderful piece of jewelry is the black rubber pearl necklace, which is suitable for every occasion.

Extravagant Gothic jewelry for special occasions

For some occasions it is advisable to wear special Gothic jewelry. Especially at Gothic meetings, the right outfit and the right jewelry are important if you want to stand out from the crowd. Are particularly noticeable, for example

The people who live and love this subculture are just as diverse as the selection of high-quality Gothic jewelry. With this eye-catching jewelry you can live your lifestyle even more authentically.

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