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What is the difference between costume jewelry and ordinary jewelry?

There is Jewellery and there are Costume jewelry. But isn't jewelry always in a sense trendy and therefore fashionable? So what is the difference between costume jewelry and traditional jewelry?

Costume jewelry is subject to fashion trends

Costume jewelry is cheaper to produce than jewelry. Jewelry usually consists of silver, gold or platinum and is set with real gemstones or rhinestones. Costume jewelry can also be set with rhinestones. The materials for the production can be completely different such as nickel, plastic, leather, rubber, metal or rubber. These can also be coated with gold or silver, but never consist of pure precious metals.

As the name suggests, fashion jewelry is always subject to a trend. The pieces of jewelry move with the times, but are usually not timeless, as real jewelry can be. When it comes to costume jewelery, however, a distinction must also be made between 'cheap' and high-quality pieces of jewelery.

How do you recognize high quality costume jewelry?

Hochwertiger ModeschmuckHigh quality costume jewelry is well made. The materials for making it should be Fair trade and be long lasting. This often applies, for example, to pieces of jewelry made of rubber. Rubber jewelry is particularly easy to care for and long-lasting. It is manufactured in a particularly complex process and goes with fashion, whereby some of the gems are also timeless and can be worn for many years without losing their beauty or looking old-fashioned.

With fashion jewelry made of metal and real jewelry made of precious metals, the difference is not always obvious at first glance. Real jewelry usually bears a hallmark such as 333, 585 and 750 for gold or 925 for silver. Costume jewelry, on the other hand, does not have such a stamp, but is usually embossed with the embossing Made in China, Double or America. These are base metals that have been coated with gold or silver.

Be careful with double labels

Jewelery with double markings like 750 / 18Kt is mostly heavy gold jewelery that has been forged. It is also known as the so-called motorway gold.

Tip: Real precious metals do not react to magnets.

Rubber jewelry is high-quality costume jewelry

Rubber jewelry is always fashion jewelry. However, this is high-quality costume jewelry, provided that the material used is fair trade rubber, i.e. rubber from sustainable sources, and that the workers receive a fair wage for their work.

Advantages of rubber jewelry

In contrast to pieces of jewelry made of various other materials, rubber jewelry offers various advantages. Such as:

  • high environmental compatibility
  • recyclable
  • pleasantly soft
  • comfortable to wear
  • light weight
  • Manufactured under human conditions
  • no Child labor
  • Raw material manufacturers receive fair wages
  • lower water and energy consumption during manufacture
  • Pesticide-free raw materials
  • no risk to health

Fashion jewelry made of rubber is so beautiful

Costume jewelry made of rubber can be worn on various occasions. Whether for school, university, work or on special occasions and celebrations. Rubber jewelry is always a wonderful eye-catcher.


For example the fairy chain. It looks fashionable and because it is kept in simple black, it can be perfectly combined with various items of clothing. The perfect companion for everyday life. An equally magical eye-catcher is Bunny ring.



Feder Ohrringe

Something very special is costume jewelry made of rubber, which you can wear both in everyday life and on special occasions like this Feather earrings. They go well with classic jeans as well as with an evening dress. An equally exclusive piece of jewelry is the Africa necklace. It is simple, timeless and elegant at the same time.

Rubber jewelry for every occasion

Rubber jewelry comes in many forms. It is suitable for every occasion. Only the selection decides whether you wear this unique costume jewelery in everyday life or on special occasions. Other pretty pieces of jewelry are for example

Fashion jewelry can therefore also be of high quality and look irresistible. It doesn't always have to be gold or silver.