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Flowers earrings, Black natural rubber earrings

Flowers earrings, Black natural rubber earrings

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These earrings are decorated with beautiful symmetrical petals. black Flower earrings made of natural rubber.

Product details:

  • Length and width of the earrings: 28mm
  • Weight of the flower earrings: 2g
  • Closure: silver

Care instructions for your rubber jewelry

Flower earring - sustainability and style combined

The flower earring is made of high-quality natural rubber and is available in the colors black, red or cream. The filigree petals are arranged harmoniously and symmetrically, giving the look its unmistakable charm. The wardrobe comes into its own with these earrings, although in the end it doesn't matter whether it's an everyday wardrobe or whether you want to create a more festive robe. The dimensions of the earrings are 28 mm and the weight of the jewelery elements is 2 g each. The clasp is silver. Finally, the care instructions for the rubber earrings should be observed so that they can decorate the wardrobe in the long term. Incidentally, nature is also happy about such natural jewelry, as it can be 100% recycled if necessary.

Floral earrings made of rubber – the sustainable alternative for trendsetters

Since rubber jewelry is completely recyclable, it represents a sustainable alternative for trendsetters and jewelry fans in general. With regard to the care instructions, it is important to note that the floral earrings and generally the rubber jewelry should not be left for too long to expose to the sun. Any kinking or bending of the jewelery is also not recommended, and the best way to clean it is to use water with just a little soap. If you want to enjoy your earrings for a long time, avoid contact with chlorine and solvents. Since rubber or latex is a living material, it is advisable to drip a little hair oil on the material once a month. The care instructions mentioned are easy to implement and ultimately ensure that the jewellery, especially the earrings, are not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also offer the wearer personal added value in the long term. It doesn't matter whether it's red, black or cream-colored earrings - each of these models can be used to refine an outfit.

Cleverly stage flower earrings

Each outfit is as impressive as the individual components that make up that outfit. This means that not only the respective clothes count, but also the selected pieces of jewelry. Flower earrings or natural earrings are particularly popular in this respect. These ensure the feminine shine that trendy women want in no time at all. If you want to show off the delicate earrings in an impressive way, you can also opt for an updo and otherwise rather simple outfit model. So that the topknot doesn't look too tight, you can deliberately detach a few strands of hair from the bun, which wonderfully softens the hairstyle and outfit. This is how the flower earrings come into their own. At the same time, the sustainability factor is taken into account. This shows that environmental awareness and style can easily go hand in hand.