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Children's earrings - unusual pieces of jewelry for the little ones

Mom wears earrings! Since she is a role model for her little ones, they naturally want to be just as pretty as mom and wear earrings. The choice of Jewelry for children is big. However, the jewelry is usually made of very expensive materials such as gold or silver or it contains nickel, which many people are allergic to. Longer earrings are often too heavy to wear because of the material. But the little girls don't want to do without it. Specific Children's earrings Not only do they look great, they also have other positive properties.

What is special about children's earrings?

Children's earrings are made for children! They are therefore mostly cute, playful or, depending on the occasion, the pieces of jewelry can also be a bit more elegant, but still be suitable for children. An exceptional material that is suitable for making children's earrings is rubber.

Here you get a feeling for why our jewelry is especially suitable for children:

rubber can be liquefied, whereby it can be brought into any conceivable shape. This means that this environmentally friendly material can be used to make enchanting children's earrings in all imaginable patterns and motifs.

Longer earrings made of precious metals are usually very heavy. In addition, they are often very in need of care. In little girls with long hair, the hair can become tangled in the fine links of chains that can be attached to earrings, and it can be delicately pulled. Metals can cause allergies. In addition, the earrings are usually heavy and tend to tarnish if they have not been worn for a long time. In addition, little girls like to play and run around just as much as boys, which can quickly lead to defects in the earrings.

Children's earrings made of rubber are extremely robust. The material is flexible and soft. If the hair gets caught in the earrings, it doesn't get tangled in fine links. Children's earrings are also very easy to care for. In the event of contamination, it is usually sufficient to simply rinse the jewelry under clear water. A drop of detergent helps with stubborn stains. Children's earrings have a very long service life. Many motifs are so beautiful that they can even be worn in adolescence or even adulthood. If the children's earrings are rubbed with a drop of oil once a month, the service life increases!

Children's earrings for every occasion

There are children's earrings for every occasion. Whether for school, kindergarten or a special occasion like a wedding. The motifs are sometimes playful, cute or elegant. Due to the robust material, they are always a wonderful companion in everyday life. There are even entire collections of children's jewelry, so that chains, rings and bracelets, for example, can be perfectly coordinated with children's earrings.

Mietze OhrringeWonderful unusual pieces of jewelry like Cats earrings or the Kitty earrings the little ones can wear not only in everyday life, but also for a festive occasion. There is also a beautiful one to match the children's earrings Cats bracelet.

Raketen OhrringeNowadays it's not just boys who want to conquer space, girls also want to become astronauts. The girls are therefore happy about children's earrings like that Rocket earrings. And many a young lady has one or the other comic hero as a role model and is happy about them Pow explosion earrings.

More beautiful children's earrings

There are many other beautiful children's earrings that can be worn on many occasions such as:

The advantages of children's earrings at a glance

Children's earrings have many advantages over conventional earrings such as:

  • made of rubber
  • soft material
  • low risk of injury
  • recyclable
  • environmentally friendly
  • low dead weight
  • flexible with every movement
  • easy to clean
  • robust
  • durable
  • easy to care for