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What is ethnic jewelry?

When Ethnic jewelry are pieces of jewelry from ethnic groups that maintain a different culture than is usual in their own homeland. The term ethno is short for ethnology. This is ethnology. Ethnic jewelry is therefore available from all over the world. The design of ethnic jewelry is therefore mostly based on the fashion of traditional tribes. For example, the pieces of jewelry can have an oriental, but also an African touch. They can also be made of various materials. Usually different materials are combined in the production of ethnic jewelry.

What distinguishes ethnic jewelry?

Ethnic jewelry is usually very noticeable. Most of the jewelry pieces are colorful and decorated with feathers or they are made of materials that are atypical for conventional jewelry, such as threads, ribbons, elastic bands, leather or rubber. It is also characteristic of ethnic jewelry that it is often larger. Bracelets, necklaces and necklaces are often wider or longer. The earrings are usually very long. Bracelets are so wide that they can cover the entire wrist and even reach almost to the crook of the arm. However, the jewelry does not always have to be colorful, but can also be classic in elegant natural tones.

African ethno jewelry is extremely popular

Ethnic jewelry that is reminiscent of the African tribes is particularly popular. What many do not know is that the materials used to make the jewelry often come from Africa. They are imported from African villages and used by jewelry makers around the world for making ethnic jewelry.

Rubber - a special material for jewelry

Various materials are suitable for the production of ethnic jewelry. Beads, wood, plastic, wire, ribbons, leather, but also rubber. Rubber jewelry is particularly expensive to manufacture. However, this material has the advantage that it can be brought into any shape. Thus, it is perfect for the production of particularly filigree and eye-catching pieces of jewelry.

Afrika HalsketteEthnic jewelry made of rubber in African style, for example, is particularly beautiful to look at. Through straight shapes, the pieces of jewelry can be like the Africa necklace Wear with an evening dress both in everyday life and on special occasions. 

The necklace goes very well with the Africa earrings and the Africa bracelet combine. Bild These pieces of jewelry enhance every outfit.

What is special about ethno jewelry made of rubber?

Rubber is a renewable raw material and is also very environmentally friendly. The material is easy to care for, robust and durable. So it has to be disposed of or replaced less often, which is good for the environment. Even after many years, the ethnic jewelry still looks like new if it is regularly cared for with a drop of oil. Rubber is a living material. The ethno jewelry made of this wonderful material also shines full of liveliness. In addition, rubber is usually a fair trade product. The workers get fair wages and the rubber trees are planted and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. The production of fair trade ethnic jewelry also provides that the jewelry is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly manner. However, rubber jewelry offers many other advantages, such as

  • high environmental compatibility
  • recyclable
  • pleasantly soft
  • comfortable to wear
  • light weight
  • Manufactured under human conditions
  • no Child labor
  • Raw material manufacturers receive fair wages
  • lower water and energy consumption during manufacture
  • Pesticide-free raw materials
  • no risk to health
  • nickel free

Ethnic jewelry made of rubber is not only beautiful to look at, it also protects people and nature alike. When extracting jewelry materials, questionable methods are often used that are not necessary for the extraction of rubber.

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