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Black matt jewelry made of natural rubber

The extravagant type of decorative accessory. Are you looking for an accessory that is extraordinary, black and high quality? Then you will find in our Black jewelry the ideal companion. After all, this black jewelry collection combines individuality with a sense of style, artistic designs and first-class material properties, regardless of whether you are looking for black earrings, a black bracelet or a black ring.

Even if the unusual black jewelry goes with it Gothic and Tattoo Style is one of the trendsetters of modern times, the use of the natural black material has a long tradition. In this context, the term "rubber" means "tears of the tree" and originally comes from Central America. Already since the 16th century BC The people in the countries of origin there used rubber for the manufacture of a wide variety of products such as torches and hoses. The aim was to make everyday life easier with these everyday objects. Even offerings made of natural rubber appeared at the time and were considered part of festive ceremonies or national meetings. Over the years, the versatile material also reached European regions and there was a real boom in the rubber industry. Nowadays, the Southeast Asian countries are considered the largest supplier of this material. With the production of black jewelry creations, however, the tried and tested material quality is taken into a new dimension and established in a completely different area of application, decorative art. Basically, a distinction must be made between synthetic and natural rubber jewelry. The latter always comes from the milky sap of the tree of the same name and consists of pure natural latex, which is completely recyclable. It is characterized by perfect quality and is free of any additives. In order to present you excellent masterpieces, you only get models in our product range that were created by Brazilian designers and are made of that natural rubber. The raw material is grown by small farms from the Amazon region, is based on sustainable management and is manufactured in responsible production processes. In this way, the pieces of jewelery guarantee you constant value and remain authentic. Decorative elements such as rhinestones, stones or sparkling pendants become unnecessary. After all, the jewelry arrangement convinces due to its concise appearance and on top of that stands out clearly from conventional jewelry variations. Our black jewelry models are therefore ideal for everyone who values expressive unique items and symbolize a recognition value that is visually reminiscent of a tattoo.

Black jewelry - the special accessories for individualists

Natural rubber is multifaceted and offers countless possibilities to underline your originality. In particular, the pieces of jewelry from our range demonstrate strength of character and adapt to any outfit. Regardless of whether you want to complete simple clothing in a natural way or you want a striking black eye-catcher, jewelry made from this black natural material will meet all requirements. So that you always keep your uniqueness, we only carry charismatic specimens with an imaginative touch. They impress with their filigree elaboration, which gives them a similarity to tattoos. In connection with this, we offer you different models so that you can wear your favorite accessory. Would you like a fancy black bracelet, for example, whose appearance was inspired by maritime algae or sea anemones and gives your style originality, or do you prefer trendy necklaces with African influences, star pendants and cat symbols in the modern look? There are no limits to your imagination, because jewelry designs made of rubber remain changeable without losing their flair. Thus, they can be elegant as well as unconventional. This is also shown by the humorous rings with their imaginative motifs. This could soon adorn your finger with a cute bird, a rocking skull or a romantic heart. If, on the other hand, you want to express your spiritual bond, you can choose a chakra symbol and for all fans of unusual representations there are rings with a kissable mouth. The detailed presentation is always reminiscent of a paper cut, while the unusual color choice in black or red provides a successful contrast. This is also visible in the earrings and helps you to create earrings with that certain something. Funny models in comic design or depictions of animals are guaranteed to make you an eye-catcher that will cause a stir at every party. They are also proof that quality and informality can be optimally combined. However, if you are looking for a sophisticated earring to refine the glamorous evening gown at a festive event, you will find the ideal partner in delicate versions with a feather motif. The best thing to do is to take a look around our range and let the many designs inspire you. And since natural rubber is a sensitive material, we also provide you with valuable care tips in the product descriptions that give your jewelry pieces a long life. This makes rubber jewelry a guarantee for quality work and creativity, with which you can set impressive accents everywhere. Or maybe you're just looking for jewelry Skull symbols then you will find what you are looking for with us.