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Eco fashion only becomes complete with matching jewelry

More and more people decide to do so, so-called Eco fashion to wear. But what does it mean and why is this type of fashion so popular?

Eco fashion is made from natural materials

Eco fashion appeals to people's environmental awareness. It has a big advantage over conventional fashion. The clothes, but also accessories such as jewelry, are made from renewable raw materials. Most of the time, they are even raw materials from organic cultivation such as organic cotton (organic cotton) or, as in our case, made from natural rubber.

Eco fashion is ethical and ecological

Many items of clothing are produced under inhumane conditions in third world countries. The people who make the clothes often have to work with harsh dyes that not only attack the skin but also the lungs. In addition, these agents are often carcinogenic. People work under unworthy circumstances. It is not uncommon for children to make clothes. The workers only receive starvation wages for their work. This is different with Eco Fashion.

Eco fashion is also called:

  • social fashion,
  • ethical fashion or
  • Called eco-fashion.

However, this does not mean that the fashion looks organic, but that it was made under humane circumstances and as environmentally friendly as possible and from renewable, natural raw materials. During production, care is also taken to keep water and energy consumption as low as possible. Many items of clothing from 'cheap fashion' are so chemically contaminated that they can trigger allergies or be carcinogenic even when they are worn.

What makes eco fashion so valuable?

For the production of eco fashion, strict guidelines must be adhered to, which have been set by the non-profit organization TransFair. Eco fashion is always recognized by the Fairtrade seal. The producers of the raw materials, such as the cotton farmers, thus receive a fair and guaranteed price for their raw materials. The materials are then processed in sewing shops that offer their employees a humane workplace. Almost all suppliers of eco fashion use 100 percent organic cotton. This special type of fashion is also intended to prevent the exploitation of people and child labor.

In return, the end consumer benefits from high-quality, beautiful fashion that is usually allergen-free and free of toxic or carcinogenic substances.

Jewelry made from sustainable raw materials

In addition to high-quality natural raw materials for clothing, the right choice of raw materials also plays a role in eco fashion Eco jewelry an important role. Gemstones and precious metals such as silver and gold are also often mined under questionable conditions.

A particularly elegant and extravagant solution for jewelry that goes with eco fashion is rubber jewelry. Rubber is a natural raw material. 100 percent natural latex, which is obtained from the milk of the rubber tree, is used to manufacture the jewelry.

Eco fashion thus offers many advantages such as

  • high environmental compatibility
  • recyclable
  • pleasantly soft materials
  • high breathability in clothing
  • Manufactured under human conditions
  • recognizable by the Fairtrade seal
  • available in many stores
  • no Child labor
  • Raw material manufacturers receive fair wages
  • lower water and energy consumption during manufacture
  • Pesticide-free raw materials
  • no risk to health

This is just a small selection of the advantages that Eco Fashion and Eco Jewelry offer.

Eco jewelry completes every outfit

Anyone who has never heard of the term eco fashion will probably initially think that it sounds and probably looks like eco. The following pictures prove that this doesn't have to be the case.

Eco fashion is available for all possible occasions. Whether for everyday life, for business or for festive occasions. The same goes for eco jewelry. The rubber jewelry is already something very special due to the material and also very extravagant.

Bubbles ArmbandThe Bubble bracelet goes well with shirt and jeans as well as with a chic evening dress.


Drippin HalsketteThe Drippin 'necklace hugs your neck like fine tears. It perfectly stages every outfit and is particularly suitable for upscale occasions.


Eco jewelry for every occasion

Just as there is eco fashion for every occasion, there is also eco jewelry made of rubber for every occasion. Other pretty pieces of jewelry are for example:

Eco jewelry and fashion doesn't have to look eco-friendly as you can see They look elegant, stylish and extravagant. Fashion is not only made by people, it can also give people a completely different appearance. A normal girl becomes a goddess through the right eco fashion.

Eco Fashion LateinamerikaOur producer is a member of Eco fashion movement in Latin America.






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