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Fair trade jewelry for a better life

Hardly any woman renounces wearing jewelry, and one or the other man has his favorite pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, very few people know that the raw materials for jewelry may have been mined under adverse circumstances. Fair trade jewelry aims to protect farmers and workers from poverty and offer them good working conditions.

What does fair trade mean?

Many people are more likely to be familiar with the term fair trade in connection with food. More and more foods are bearing the so-called fair trade seal. But clothing and jewelry can also be awarded the seal. These products can be bought with a clear conscience, without having to fear that people will be exploited to extract raw materials or manufacture or that children will be used for the work. 

Fair trade is an organization that works to ensure that farmers and workers can work under decent working conditions and receive fair wages. This should actually be a matter of course. However, this is not the case in many developing and emerging countries. For the raw materials needed to make jewelry, the workers in mines and mines often put their lives on the line because the employer simply does not comply with safety standards. More and more consumers do not want, cannot and must not accept it, which is why they decide to buy fair trade jewelry. At the same time, buying fair trade jewelery is kind to the environment, because when making the jewelery, care is taken to ensure that it is made as environmentally friendly as possible.

Companies in developing countries that produce, cultivate and mine raw materials for the manufacture of fair trade jewelery are checked on site by certification bodies to ensure that all Fairtrade standards are correctly observed. This ensures that the workers work under humane conditions, that they receive a set minimum price, which must not be fallen below, and that the raw materials are processed as economically and ecologically as possible.

Gold for fair trade jewelry?

Various precious metals, but also materials such as rubber, can be used for the production of fair trade jewelery. More than 100 million people are dependent on mining work. The workers usually only earn starvation wages and can hardly support their families. Not to mention the infrastructure of developing countries. There is often a lack of sanitary facilities, access to drinking water, schooling and good health care. The infrastructure cannot improve without financial means. Fair trade jewelry is a step in the right direction. After all, developing countries can improve the financial situation in their country through fair trade in raw materials for fair trade jewelry.

Jewelry lovers who buy fair trade jewelry support people and the environment. At the same time, it enables people in emerging and developing countries to improve their social situation on a long-term and sustainable basis.

Gold mining does not have to be a dirty business that becomes human suffering through unworthy circumstances. Fair Trade also attaches great importance to the use of raw materials from sustainable sources.

The advantages of fair trade jewelry at a glance

Fair trade jewelry is not only beautiful to look at, it also protects livelihoods and the environment.

  • high environmental compatibility
  • recyclable
  • Manufactured under human conditions
  • recognizable by the Fairtrade seal
  • available in many stores
  • no Child labor
  • Workers receive fair wages
  • lower water and energy consumption during manufacture
  • Pesticide-free raw materials
  • no risk to health
  • Support for emerging and developing countries (improved infrastructure, drinking water, etc.)

Fair trade jewelry made of rubber

Only precious metals or other raw materials that are fairly traded are suitable for the production of fair trade jewelry. This is also the case with rubber, among other things. Fair trade jewelry made of rubber protects both workers and nature. After all, the rubber tree is a renewable raw material.

Rubber jewelry is made from 100 percent natural latex. Natural latex is made from the milk taken from the rubber tree. The soft material gives this special fair trade jewelry numerous design options. From playful to classy and extravagant. Rubber jewelry fits every occasion. For upscale occasions as well as for everyday use or work.

Spot OhrringeThe Spot earrings are reminiscent of a flower covered with morning dew. They go perfectly with everyday clothing, but also just as well with an evening dress.  

Feder Ohrringe

They are just as wonderful eye-catchers Feather earrings.

Due to its structure and viscosity, natural latex offers many other options for producing elegant and extravagant fair trade jewelry. At the same time, rubber jewelry is comfortable to wear, durable and easy to care for. Fair trade jewelry collections transform every outfit into something special. These magical pieces of jewelry attract everyone's attention. Like that, for example Sea anemone bracelet, Sea anemone ring and the Sea anemone chain.

Fair trade jewelry collections not only look irresistible and underline the beauty and elegance of their wearer, but also protect workers and the environment at the same time.

Eco Fashion LateinamerikaOur producer is a member of Eco fashion movement in Latin America.






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